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A Star Trek Reboot Stamping Community!

About Us:

Welcome to startrekrebootr, a stamping community entirely dedicated to the Reboot Star Trek Franchise!

Now, you may ask, why is this community narrowed to only the Reboot franchise?

The answer's pretty simple: The Star Trek universe is so broad and diverse that truly each and every series or show would probably need it's own stamping community to allow for the most accurate stamping results. Believe me, I'm a fan of all of the Star Trek series, and just because this community is dedicated to the newest rendition, does not mean we do not all love and enjoy the others. It simply is the newest rendition, with new movies set to be coming out for the next few years, and therefore probably the most accessible to those just joining the fandom. So easier for everyone to play along ^_^

Anyhow, just vote on a few applications, fill out the application from yourself, and find out who you're most like!

For those not familiar with stamping/rating communities, this is how it works. Members fill out the application, and get voted on by other members of the community, and after a length of time or majority of votes they receive a stamp as that person. Simple, right?

The Rules


♥ Voting is essential; it's what keeps stamping communities alive, so be kind and vote on other members! YOU MOST VOTE ON ALL REMAINING APPS BEFORE POSTING YOUR OWN.

♥ Please attempt to provide an explanation on your votes. There is NOTHING worse than a sheeped vote or a vote that simply says something like Jim Kirk, with NO explanation to your logic or reasoning for your vote. It doesn't take much; what do you see in that person that reminds you of Captain Kirk? Their stubborness, their courage? Write it down!

♥ Absolutely no drama is allowed. Behave yourself and play nice!

♥ If you don't like your stamp, feel free to re-apply, but please wait one week before doing so.

♥ Please be honest when filling out the applications - don't try to get a specific result. That's the only way to guarantee you'll get a truthful stamp.

♥ When voting please bold your votes. Your vote definitely will not count if you don't. If you are unsure on how to bold your vote, simply copy and paste '< b > TEXT HERE </ b >' into the comment box of the application, take out the spaces, and write your vote in. It's that simple :3

♥ Check for open themes :3

♥ To help voters and mods, tag your application with !unstamped NOT !needsvotes. Failure to tag your entry will result in a temporary suspension of your application until the problem is ratified.


♥ To show you've read the rules for the regular application, please post "GOOD GOD MAN!"somewhere in the title of your application. After you have been stamped for your regular application, please post in the format following:

EX: Stamped as _______// ______ Theme.

♥ Lastly, if you would like to be in our afflaites, please check the appropriate tag on the side of the main community page. And most of all, live long, and prosper!